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A few months ago I purchased the Puff Pastry, Uproar, and Flash Dresses. When I arrived at Leslie's house, I was concerned that I would not fit into anything she had. I am not even 5 feet tall and have curves for days! I am no where near the age of these models. After being pleasantly surprised, I purchased the Puff Pastry dress for my 20 year wedding anniversary dinner! I also purchased Uproar for myself and couldn't resist getting the Flash dress for an old friend. The style of these dresses suits women of all ages, the fit is flattering and the fabric has some stretch to it, which helped when trying to finish my fancy dinner!  - Carmin Humphries
So let's talk about the dress! I couldn't resist this floaty ethereal number from their S/S 2015 collection "Stormy Sweets".  I love how this dress is kind of the best of both worlds combining a mini length lining with a maxi length silhouette. My perfect dress is one where I feel pretty, but most importantly, comfortable in, and this definitely fit the bill. - Hannah Meyer, The Braided Bandet
These dresses are beautiful, inside and out. The shapes, lines, and seams are extremely flattering to a woman's lines and curves as well as very flexible to wear. I was able to drive my car comfortably because the fabric is so easy to wear! - Grace Marino