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Lexi’s Halloween Masquerade Ball

So Halloween 2014 was a big deal for me, I was celebrating my *gulp* 30th birthday. So I decided to go big and throw a masquerade party. I got on Adobe Photoshop and made some nice invitations with a wax seal and started enlisting the help of any friend that was willing.

     So aside from planning out this whole shindig i had grand visions for what my costume would be. So I let myself have the month of October to construct this monstrosity of a construction nightmare costume. I had to put the planning of “Foster Radiation” and development of Blackberry Maverick on the back-burner, thank you Leslie for picking up my slack for that month. I started with a few different concepts and finally settled on a sea horse. It took several tries of building up and tearing apart, an insane amount of hours and lots of support and ideas from my boyfriend and family. I am so proud of the final interpretation, now I just need to figure out how to wear it more that once :0)

The Costume

     Included in the festivities was a photo staging area, and the photos that came out of here are magic to say the least. My favorite part of the night though was the themed scavenger hunt. This was timed perfectly to catch everybody when they were nice and sauced and boy was it a hoot! After every item completed on the list the groups had to come back to me, show me the proof and take their victory shot of poison (cake vodka in vials marked with a skull and crossbone…super fun!) and the winning team got a bottle of Redrum. Watching strangers come together as a team and bond over such silly fun was a priceless to watch!

Pardon me while I take a moment to thank everyone who made this party come together.

     A big bucket of thanks to the new swanky vintage music venue/ bar “The Lower Deck” for extending to us the privilege of being the first big bash  Your place is beautiful and your staff was amazing, good luck to you in your future!
To our entertainment; The emerging talent of “Woodshed Red” you knocked our socks off, and nobody can play the fiddle hotter then Deirdre McCarthy. Cedric aka “DJ Shadow”  for dropping the beats on the dance floor, I can always count on you to keep our booties moving! Our performers; Drag extraordinaire- Andrew Thurn and professional belly dancer Jessica Beckett, you guys are beautiful.
And the masterminds behind the event coordination, decoration and perfectly executed food, my sisters; Joy Anne McGinnis Williams, Nicolette Hazlak and Jeanette Conde. I asked for alot and you delivered more. I couldn’t have done it without you!
Last but not least all my wonderful friends. I’m lucky to have nothing but great people to inspire my life and lift me up. Thank you for showing such gusto and thought into your costumes, I know it wasn’t easy.

Source: Blackberry Maverick