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Makeup what? Wait, this is worth learning about and spending money on? Yes. 

So my co worker (our makeup artist) and good friend Ashley took me (Leslie) makeup shopping at Ulta the other day. I am sort of new to makeup, I never really got into it in high school or college. I mean, I use foundation and sunscreen, never leave the house without mascara and dabble in eyeshadow and eye liner.Up until now I have been seriously overwhelmed by all the products out there and didn’t know what half of them were even used for! I thought that I could just get by with my basics from the grocery store….and so I did. Up until our photo shoot. Ashley did my makeup and I looked so amazing that I was inspired to dip my toe into the water of massive makeup stores swirling with a multitudes of sticks, creams, balms, brushes and all the rest that comprise the world of makeup.Uhh….. turns out that this girl will never be buying her makeup at the grocery store again!

Beauty balm, eyebrow gel and color, purple lipstick, lip liner, hair chalk, bronzer, more eye shadow and eyeliner colors, contour sticks and better then sex mascara have changed my life!

makeup 3 

Especially the mascara. Really. It looks like I am wearing huge fake eyelashes!! Its incredible!!!
makeup 1 

a couple photos of Ash, our makeup artist for Blackberry Maverick
Thanks Ashley for the trip to Ulta! I am so excited to expand my makeup knowledge with you by my side!

Source: Blackberry Maverick