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If only I could train the puppy to answer email….

Is it really July 22 already? Where does time go? Well, my time goes to Over Easy, Blackberry Maverick, The Warehouse, Blackberry Maverick, Blackberry Maverick, myhusbandmydogmyhouselaundarygroceriesbillseatingsleeping, Over Easy, Blackberry Maverick….. and over and over again.

With our capsule collection in the more than capable hands of Esther and Tina, we wait anxiously for the week to end the the fed ex tracking number assuring us that Baker, Flash, Sweet, Tart, and Puff Pastry are safely on their way into our hands!

Our pop up banner just arrived at my parents place in AZ and with the stand on its way, Lex’s bag allocation bumped up to 2 checked bags and a whole lot of furniture up for grabs for us to borrow from my parents living room, we should almost be ready to set up our booth at Shop Garment District on the 8th of August at Hotel Valley Ho in Phoenix. Except for the fact that I have not practiced my interview skills in front of the mirror nearly enough and I haven’t even started to think about what am going to wear!! Can time just stop for a week please? Seriously, time, if your listening: a week would be great.

But enough wishing and back to business. Over the past few weeks things have been happening for us!

We are thrilled to have been featured in the Colorado Springs Gazette with this incredible front and center, full color spread in the business section on July 16th. We plan on taking Phoenix by storm and bringing with us as many collaborators from Colorado as we can! This amazing state has an incredible up and coming fashion scene and we want to help show everyone in Phoenix what Coloradans are made of!!

We also got a shout out from Lexi’s alma matter, FIDM.

We are going to be featured on the Denver fashion blog studio9720 mid august, AND we are super excited to be participating the the Eclectic Wedding Showcase in Denver right after our launch in Phoenix. We are going to be the featured fashion for the Apocalyptic Steampunk vignette, offering killer alternative dresses for your bridal party:)

We are so excited to be pairing with Tom Horn Collection out of Denver to accessorize our models for Shop Garment District! There beautiful bags and clutches will perfectly accentuate our dresses and separates. Check them out Here.

Phew, I think thats all for now! Stay tuned as we move forward with the rest of the collection and head out to the 120 degree Phoenix for Shop Garment District on the 8th of August!